Why is your testing process slowing you down?

Companies are struggling to release their apps or websites because testing and QA is a bottleneck. In today's hyper competitive business landscape, one of the most important advantages you have is how fast you can release new features and fix problems.

Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and others use the power of crowdsourced testing to consistently release quality apps and websites.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Why and when you should use crowdsourced testing
  • How it can help speed up your development processes and lower your QA costs
  • How to implement crowdsourced testing in your organisation
  • What top product managers, engineers and Heads of QA know about blending, optimising and growing their QA operations for explosive growth




In this eBook we've put together everything you need to know so you can reap the benefits of this approach to QA. Companies all over the world use crowdsourced testing as a way to fully replace their in-house teams or to augment them so that they can scale their efforts.