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"You are more likely to pull off a project based on a mediocre idea with a stellar team rather than a great idea with a mediocre team."

Like many directors of engineering in hyper-growth companies such as Deliveroo, Rahma’s position involves: strict launch deadlines, ensuring high-quality user experience at every release, driving innovation and more.

In fast-paced environments, how can you deliver on your goals while achieving high-quality products at every release and have some time left to drive strategic decisions?

The answer? 

Build a great team - the key component of any engineering leaders’ success.

So, how do tech executives build winning engineering teams and deliver great products in hyper-growth companies?

That's the question that Rahma Javed, Director of Engineering at Deliveroo, and Ronald Cummings-John, Co-Founder of Global App Testing, will answer during an exclusive online event for senior tech leaders. 

Rahma will share: 

  • Her framework to define and achieve engineering goals so you can move the needle in your organisation;

  • How to retain top tech talents and build high-performing teams; 

  • How Deliveroo release great products at speed on a tight SDLC; 

  • Proven tactics to deliver better customer experience every time, even in fast paced environments. 


Our guest speakers:

  • Rahma is the Director of Engineering for the Restaurants group at Deliveroo. Prior to this, Rahma was a senior engineering leader at Wealthfront.

  • Ronald is the Co-Founder of Global App Testing and is also the co-author of the book, "Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality Software and Accelerate Growth."