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The missing piece in your testing strategy to maximise customer delight

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Ronald Cummings-John
Ronald Cummings-John

Location: Online OnDemand
Duration: 45 minutes 

Traditionally when approaching QA, engineering leaders focused predominantly on identifying bugs to ensure their apps work across different devices, networks and versions.

But bugs only tell half the story.

Developing a testing strategy with your customer as the main focus is the key to staying competitive in today's landscape. At the end of the day, your customers are people, and people buy from people. 

So, you’re probably wondering, how can I truly delight my customers? 

Ronald Cummings-John, co-founder of Global App Testing, co-author of Leading Quality and expert in helping tech leaders across the world drive a culture of quality will dive into: 

  • How to excite your team and wider business around augmenting your testing strategy
  • The three most effective (and impactful) ways to becoming more customer centric in your QA
  • Methods to enhance your product roadmap by leveraging insights from crowdtesting

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