Refactoring the Cost of Quality in 2020

With tight budgets and cost-cutting activities, companies have to deliver even higher-quality products with a reduced number of resources, on shorter deadlines. 

Beyond internal structures, consumers are now re-prioritising their finance, leading to increased competition in an already highly saturated market.

Delivering great customer experience will be key if you want your company to thrive. 

But how can you achieve this without the associated high cost?

Is the cost of quality worth the reward?

In our next webinar, we will be taking a look at the cost of quality in 2020. We will address: 

  • Why the cost of quality matters;
  • How to reduce the cost of quality by identifying waste in your quality process;
  • The cost of quality vs cost of failure;
  • How to change status quo thinking in the testing industry.

After this webinar, you will understand the main business areas quality impacts and why a focus on quality is essential to driving business growth.

Our guest speakers: 

  • Neil Brown, Partner at Deloitte Consulting Testing and Quality Services.

  • Ronald Cummings-John, Global App Testing Co-Founder and author of 'Leading Quality'

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