Exploratory Testing for Enterprise Guide

Customers demand software that works perfectly, every time

Speed is essential to your company’s growth, but the fast-paced nature of the tech industry often leads to a heavy reliance on automated testing. Many development teams simply don’t have the time or resource to adequately test every release. Bugs inevitably make it through the system and may result in irreversible damage to your company’s brand and customer base.

Companies like Facebook and Microsoft have solved this problem with exploratory testing, a highly effective form of testing that is easy to scale, manage, and afford. 

Read the Exploratory Testing for Enterprise guide to find out:

  • How business has driven innovations such as Waterfall, Agile and DevOps - and how QA has been left behind
  • Why satisfying your customers will help them stay loyal to your brand
  • The limitations of automation
  • What you need to do to implement Exploratory Testing in your organisation
  • Why you don't need extra headcount to scale your QA operations.

Exploratory testing can help your company deliver quality software more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before. Download the free eBook now to see how.