How to Build a Culture of Quality Remotely

What makes the world’s leading engineering and QA teams so successful? They lead a culture of quality. 

A quality culture in your company could mean the difference between a 5-star app and a buggy app that you can't monetise. It can help you achieve your goals fast and deliver the best possible product for your users.

But how can influence quality in your company? 

Watch the replay of our Quality Leaders Network (online) event to learn how to lead a culture of quality and getting everyone on board.

You'll discover: 

  • Frameworks used by leaders in the industry to influence and transform the way people think and talk about quality in the workplace;

  • How to build your own Quality Narrative;

  • How to create empathy to increase alignment between teams;

  • Insights from the world’s leading engineering and QA teams including eBay, Airbnb, Etsy, New York Times and Snapchat on how to deliver great software and accelerate growth;

  • How to switch QA from being a bottleneck to a key growth driver.

Our round table features guest speakers from leading tech companies, including:

  • Mark Bland, Head of Test at Premier Farnell

  • Phillip CurranHead of Quality at eShopWorld

  • Ronald Cummings-JohnGlobal App Testing Co-Founder and Author of Leading Quality

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