18-19 June - British Museum 

The National DevOps Conference is an annual event for C-level executives interested in hearing about DevOps from revered industry speakers and practical presentations led by key figures.

If you are attending the event, it means one thing; You and your team are embracing DevOps and deliver new software faster than ever.

But what about QA?

Perfectly executed DevOps methodologies, as effective as they can be, are nothing without a robust QA strategy behind them.

Continuous delivery and deployment are great but pointless if your product delivers a negative experience to your customers. You need QA that supports with your DevOps setup.

If you are looking to integrate QA at the speed of continuous delivery, come and say hi to one of our Growth Specialists!

We work with high profile technology teams at places like Facebook, Google, Oath, Depop and P&G to help with:

  • Continuously testing your applications using professional testers with real devices

  • Integrating QA earlier in the development process

  • Improving product quality and confidence for every release

  • Solve QA bottlenecks in DevOps environments

Book your meeting now and see you there 👋