Global App Testing and TestRail webinar

What will the webinar address?

  • According to research by TestRail, organisations consistently estimate that they will automate 20% more of their tests than they do.
  • Teams are being stretched to speed up software release cycles and maintain quality.
  • Developers working in sprints have short testing windows and the lack of fast QA and feedback can result in failed sprint commitment and carryover.
  • Flaky tests are spoiling the automated testing pool. 

Many businesses conceptualise these issues as technical challenges – which they are, but they are also business and workflow challenges. 

How can you set that tricky boundary between manual and automated testing?

That's where this webinar can help.

So, what will I learn?

Building, maintaining, and running effective tests requires you to think about your whole testing suite including manual and automated tests. 

  • Simplify your workflows to plan your manual and automated tests out of a single dashboard 👩‍🔧
  • Improve the visibility of testing results and access detailed reports to release faster 🚀
  • Free up your resources to give your team time to automate more tests and fix any current  flaky tests 🤖
  • Establish your strategy what to test in-house, what to test on-demand, where to test manually and where to automate 📈
  • How to get manual testing results back in real-time, we launch a live test to show you how to seamlessly launch tests & receive results via Global App Testing (GAT) in TestRail ⏱️
  • Learn how logistics SaaS platform LineTen use GAT and TestRail together to scale and accelerate their testing strategies  ⭐
  • An interactive discussion with attendees on automation challenges and what is slowing QA down 💬

Your speakers 

GAT and TestRail webinar - speakers

Adam Stead is a Content Manager at GAT. He's previously worked in technology conferences and the tumultuous world of Order & Pay and will be hosting and chairing the webinar. 

Artem Bobrowskiy is a Product Manager at GAT, continually bringing solutions to the GAT "crowdtesting" platform that holds over 70,000 professional vetted testers waiting to take on your testing needs. 

Krzysztof Witczak is an engineering manager at GAT with extensive industry experience leading teams, solving business problems and coding in multiple technologies - basically, he knows a thing or two about the challenges that come with manual and automated testing.

Diogo Rede is a Solution Architect & Testing Advocate at TestRail. He has a decade of experience in QA engineering, starting as a functional tester and then specializing in test automation. 

Heather Vercillo is a Product Marketing Manager at TestRail, helping quality assurance (QA), engineering, and development teams speed up testing, improve product quality and ship releases faster. 

John Smerek is the CTO of logistics platform, LineTen. In his 27 years of experience John has worked in the UK, Australia and Canada and now works for LineTen, the one-stop shop for omnichannel fulfilment. 


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