The Ultimate QA Testing Handbook

Everything you need to know to test how you want.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop, go-to guide for all things software testing. From the basics to the more advanced, you'll find all your burning questions answered. 

From Crowdtesting to Automation and Agile Testing, we cover all bases, leaving no stone unturned. 

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This handbook is designed for:

  • The CTOs looking to scale QA capacities within budget and increase team confidence in releases

  • The VPs of Engineering seeking advanced solutions to release quality products faster and more frequently

  • The Heads of QA wanting to augment their testing strategy, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows

  • The Product Leaders hoping to focus on new feature enhancements, not chasing software bugs

  • The CEOs and Co-Founders trying to determine where to start and what type of testing to conduct

Global App Testing helps companies scale QA, expand test coverage, quickly find high-impact issues and release high-quality software faster than ever before. Our on-demand solution delivers severity ranked bugs to teams within the comfort of their own dev environments. 

We do this by reinforcing their team with both our in-house QA specialists and an international crowd of 55,000 professional testers across 189 countries.