Testing Trends for 2020 and Beyond!

Simon Prior  (2)

Wondering what 2020 holds for software testing? Looking for an insight into what the top trends in testing are as we move into the next decade? 

Join our webinar on the 4th February, where we’ll be discussing our top 5 testing trends for 2020. 

During this webinar, we’ll be talking about: 

  • Customer-centric QA 
  • Exploratory Testing in an Increasingly Automated World
  • Preparing Your Software for Emerging Markets
  • Leading Quality
  • 5G - Testing for the Next Generation of Network

After this webinar, you will have learnt about the upcoming trends for the year and be able to build a solid strategy around them for 2020.

Featured Speakers: 

Simon Prior, Commercial Test Manager at EasyJet

Simon is the Commercial Test Manager at EasyJet. In his career he’s worked in various roles across IT from C++ developer, Scrum Master & Build Engineer before finally finding his passion in testing. He’s worked in various domains from CyberSecurity, Gaming/Gambling and now the Airline industry. 

Simon has a keen interest in finding ways to improve the testing process and ensuring products are released with the highest possible quality. He also loves coaching/mentoring his team to be the best they can, enabling them to use all possible tools and skills to get their job done to the best of their ability. He has spoken at conferences about his journey into QA Leadership and building teams for the future. 

Outside of testing, Simon is a Peterborough United football fan and a casual runner. He also has a blog on all things QA here.

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