How Global App Testing Bolsters Dialogue’s Telemedicine Revolution

"You can count on GAT to cover your suite of tests. They made everything more predictable during each sprint."

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About Dialogue:

Based in Canada, Dialogue is reshaping the telemedicine landscape. With a mission to enhance healthcare accessibility, they offer a platform that enables patients to video chat with medical professionals. Their suite includes mobile and web apps for patients, as well as a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals. Rapid growth is propelling them forward, but not without challenges.



As Dialogue transitioned from a budding startup to a major telemedicine player, their software needs diversified. Their in-house QA manager and engineers grappled with balancing software engineering and application testing. This led to unpredictable development sprints and less-than-optimal "bug bashes" where the entire company would test the software in an ad-hoc manner.
A critical incident where their core video chat feature malfunctioned was the final straw. It was a wakeup call: a more robust QA process was essential.


Dialogue’s partnership with Global App Testing (GAT) brought several key benefits:


Scaled-Up Testing: Dialogue could now simulate environments with multiple patients and professionals interacting simultaneously.


Consistent Testing Sprints: Thanks to GAT’s global tester crowd, Dialogue now experiences predictable 48-hour QA turnarounds.


Efficient Test Case Execution: Regression tests, vital before any new release, are now efficiently handled by GAT.




Enhanced product reliability: With GAT, Dialogue widened its testing scope, ensuring no flawed product advances to production.


Reduced Active Bugs: Previously plagued by numerous P2 bugs (bugs which should be resolved before the release is made), active issues now consistently remain under ten.


Restored Confidence: Armed with a robust quality testing framework, Dialogue feels secure, confident that significant disruptions are a thing of the past.

Global App Testing has proven invaluable to Dialogue, reinforcing their commitment to deliver flawless telemedicine experiences to their users.



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