GAT’s Rapid App Testing Accelerates Facebook’s API Transition


Facebook, connecting billions since 2004, is committed to user privacy and experience. Recognizing the convenience of using Facebook accounts for fast app logins, they decided to introduce enhanced security measures and update their tools, ensuring apps offer better user protection.



Facebook had a monumental task at hand: test for a faultless and experience of 5,000 major apps using Facebook Login across various devices after the API change. With their in-house QA set to handle just 10% of this volume, an external solution was paramount.

Solution with Global App Testing:


Understanding Facebook’s needs: Within just a week, we gauged Facebook’s requirements and objectives, allowing us to craft a targeted testing strategy.


Mobilizing expert testers: We rallied a global pool of professional testers, handpicking 100 specialists skilled in identifying issues in social integrations.


Customized testing framework: Adapting to Facebook's specific requirements, not only did we send out regular bug reports but also devised a dedicated dashboard. This ensured Facebook had real-time insights into each app's performance and could swiftly identify and address glitches.



In a mere week, we tested over a thousand apps. This efficiency enabled Facebook to notify developers ahead of schedule, ensuring a smoother API transition.

In that week, we found:


900 bugs among Meta’s partners


A pool of skilled global testers to test the 5000 app logins Facebook needed, to ensure a successful migration.

Additionally, for intricate issues, we provided continuous support, ensuring that Facebook’s dedication to user experience remained uncompromised.



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